Business Guide

  • Development of Ingredients for cosmetics

    Development of Ingredients for cosmetics
    • Natural as it is – Research of cosmetic ingredients that derives from nature.
    • A study on the mechanism and separation refiningtechnology of natural active ingredients.
    • Active ingredients that penetrates to the inside of the skin
      A long-term stabilization and high-efficiency absorption capsule study based on TDDS.
  • Development of cosmetic formula

    Development of cosmetic formulas
    • 1:1 Total consultation. – Principle of one company, one formula.
    • Maximize the advantages yet mizing the disadvantages and rejection of natural ingredients
      Develop selective formulations specializedin natural cosmetics.
    • Skin-friendly structures (Nano-Liposome, Lamellar etc)
      Development of a formulation that maximizes skin activity with active ingredients.