Production process

Production process

Cosmobio produces healthy products through a step-by-step standardized process.

  • 원료 및 포장재 입고

    1.Receives raw materials and packaging materials and conducts quality inspection.

    When cosmetics raw materials and packaging materials are in place, we store the raw materials that passed the quality inspection in dedicated storage location.

  • 벌크제품 제조

    2. Manufacturing bulk products

    According to the planned manufacturing instructions, we manufacture bulk products through accurate measurement of raw materials

  • 벌크제품 품질검사

    3. Bulk product quality inspection

    We test the properties of the bulk products and microorganisms in the products to determine to ensure all products meet the standards

  • 충진 및 포장

    4. Filling and packing

    Using the bulk products and packaging materials/ filling and packaging process is done after a thorough inspection process

  • 완제품 품질검사

    5. Quality inspection of the finished goods

    The final quality inspection will be conducted by random sampling the finished product goods.

  • 물류 입고 및 출하

    6. Warehousing and shipment of the goods

    Warehousing and shipping of finished products

Manufacturing · Froduction Facilities

Manufacturing and production facilities

Cosmobio's manufacturing and production facilities aim for efficient productivity and high quality.