Research Institute

We constantly challenges and studies to achieve our aim to become a global cosmetics company.

  • 연구정신

    Our research mission

    To achieveclean and beautiful skin which is world wide’s common wish, we seek the best by endless challenges and hard effort. We accept the power of the nature as it is and to incorporate sustainability.

  • 화장품소재

    Development of cosmetics materials

    We study the roles and principles of each ingredient that we find in nature and applies them to the skin to minimize side effects and maximize efficacy. Nature has the most powerful materials of all that could make clear and healthy skin.

  • 기초 및 기능성 화장품

    Development of cosmetics formulations

    maximizing natural ingredients while minimizing chemical ingredients that could be indecent to the skin protects the skin’s natural power. We aim for the best cosmetics through open communication with customers.